23 May 2011

Weekend News

So what have I been up to this past 4 days?

Thursday afternoon I went along with the Medway Craft Group ladies to Lucy Boston’s house and gardens in Hemingford Grey, what a pleasant way to spend a sunny afternoon. The gardens were really lovely with a beautiful display of iris and roses; the scent was heavenly. The tour of the house was very informative and the quilts beautiful. I was very surprised that this treasure was on my door step, just shows you don’t always know what’s round the corner. Just a shame they don’t do teas.

Friday, I spent the day with my youngest. We went shopping for an outfit for a wedding that she will be attending soon. We were successful, which was a relief, nothing worse than going shopping and coming back empty handed. Friday evening we were down in London for an Eric Clapton concert at the Royal Albert Hall. He was his usual brilliant self and the evening would have been perfect had it not been for a raging sore throat, which left me feeling rubbish.

Saturday and Sunday I spent the day painting inside the garden room, nearly done, just need to finish staining the skirting. Not much fun with a cold I can tell you.

Did you get the strong winds? Our garden is full of bits from the willow tree, what a lovely mess for me to clear up later. Still nothing much in the way of rain, just the odd bit but with these strong winds it dries off really quickly. Our shrubs are beginning to look like its August rather than May! Never satisfied are we, but then us Brits love to moan about the weather. You watch we have the week off next week and I bet it rains all week!!

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