6 June 2011

At last........

our Garden Room is finished.  The flooring was laid today and thus completed 4 months work, in fact its 4 months to the day.  Here are some photos to remind you what it looked like.  If you want to see the others just click on the Garden Room tag in the Labels & Tags section on the right hand side of the page and all the posts will come up

The Befores .....

The Durings .......

And finally

The Afters

Thank you goes to:-

Neil - NDF Carpentry for the repair work.
Tim & Rebecca  for the Celotex work
Steve & Aaron Jolley for the plastering
Stuart for building the steps
Dave Tucker for installing the wood burner
Alan - Alan's Carpets for the flooring

A big thank you goes to Rachel for all her hard work and given up weekends helping with the clearing, celotex, painting and the many other jobs she did.

But the biggest thank you goes to Peter, for helping me make our Garden Room become a reality, and for painting the ceiling which I know you really hated.

Now comes the fun bit making the room look homely.  Of course I will post some pictures once I have everything in place.  I am looking forward to sitting quietly on a sofa knitting and enjoying the views of our garden


  1. Oh, I looks so bright and spacious and lovely! Decorating is going to be so much fun. What are your plans? Job well done to all of you!

  2. How lovely to have a garden room! I bet you are quite pleased the work is finished. Judy


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