24 June 2011

At a loss

Its Friday, my day off.  For the past year I have gone up to visit my daughter and grandson most Friday's.  She is now back at work and I am on a rota with Rufus' Nana for Friday babysitting duty, its her turn this week. 

Here's a photo just because I love looking at him

I suddenly find myself with a day to myself.  What to do? 

I made a list last night, nothing very exciting.  I still have decorating to do, but feel I need a break after the last 4 months - the tiler is back tomorrow to tile the fireplace in the lounge. There are weeds to pull, edges to trim, dust to wipe.  The washing is on, I have some baking to do, but I feel very fidgety.  So I guess I'll poke around on the Net for a bit then start to tackle my list.

I broke the habit of a lifetime last night and started a second knitting project. As I said this takes me out of my comfort zone, I get panicky with more than one started project.  Its the door stop from this month's Simply Knitting Quick Knits - so won't take too long beside my Ten Stitch.  It does make a change and I did work on both projects last night, but I think 2 is enough for now.  I have however just put yarn and pattern together for another project for a friend, which I will tell you about another time.

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