20 July 2011

WIP Wednesday #9 - not much to show

Can you believe we are coming towards the end of another month, well its the 20th today, where is the year going.  My weekend was busy with my grandson so not too much knitting achieved.

once more round and a bit

this is my weekly progress since 22 June to last week, so you can see its growing, each side takes longer and longer.  I'm not sure - in fact I know I won't have enough yellow to keep the pattern going as planned, so I either have to buy more or change tack

a few rows on the 2nd side of the tea cosy

this room is awaiting my attention its been empty now for 5 weeks, the furniture went out into the garden room!  We tend to only use this room winter time, so we are thinking of turning it into a library. We have books all over the bedrooms and it would be good to have them all in one place.  The walls don't look too bad in the photo, but there are cracks to fill and I really don't feel like decorating at the moment, so I guess this qualifies as a work-in-progress

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  1. Love your blanket... it's really beautiful. And the room for a library is lovely. The windows will provide great light for reading, and the fireplace (?) will be nice and cozy, too. Take it from me, a librarian raised by a librarian... line those walls with books, put some comfy chairs in the middle facing the fireplace, and you'll have the perfect library!

  2. Oooh, a library would be awesome! I will be insanely jealous of course, but it'll be awesome ;)

    Love the progress pictures of your blanket, I really like how it is turning out

  3. Both wips look great! The blanket is beautiful! I love the idea of a library!

  4. A library my ultimate dream! The ultimate WIP!

    Your blanket is beautiful. And love the colour of your tea cosy.

  5. The blanket is definitely growing. What a nice room to have a library in.

  6. That is such an awesome room. I would love to see it when it is completed. I adore book and I think a library is a dream for everyone who still loves turning pages and placing book marks.

    I love the window.

    Keep at the knitting. It just keep one getting more lovely. That red is a really bright, smart colour for a tea cozy.

    Take care.

  7. A library is my dream and that room is PERFECT for it!!!

    The blanket is AMAZING. I love watching it grow.


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