20 August 2011

all about sticks

collecting sticks in Burghley Park

feeding the ducks!!

where's that train? You promised trains......

I looked after Rufus yesterday, the first time in 3 weeks.  Its the longest time I have gone without seeing him.  My welcome was so lovely, I was worried he may have forgotten me.  We had a lovely day. I took him to Stamford train station in hopes of seeing a train, but the wait for the next one was too long for a 14 month little boy, so we went to Burghley Park and collected sticks. Everything is stick, including the tree trunks, he had a great time running round the Princess Diana Memorial garden, which is completely enclosed so I just sat on the bench and watched him. 

Feeding the ducks - apparently the bread was quite old, but it didn't seem to put Rufus off, as you can see the ducks weren't getting a look in.

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  1. Glan you had such a happy day. Your little man is adorable!


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