3 August 2011

bit of everything

today is WIP Wednesday - its all pretty much the same, the ten stitch gets bigger, I'm actually on the last go round so I'll save the picture until I finish.

The tea cosy is smaller than last week - went to Knit & Lit in Huntingdon today, forgot my glasses and pulled out the 6 rows I knitted, couldn't pick up them properly so pulled it all out and started again!! Never mind, it will teach me to make sure I have everything I need in future.

I increased my stash by 250grams yesterday, more charity shop finds, 100g of James Brett Top Value DK in white and 3 x 50g of Sirdar Denim DK in cream with a fleck all for £2.50.  My excuse? I have no excuse.

We have a WIP going on in our grapevine.  We have two juvenile pigeons who have made a 'nest' well I'd not call it a nest, their first one fell through the vine and the second is just a bundle of stick sat on a bar of the pergola, they take it in turns sitting on it but there is actually nothing in it.... bless them.

So thats it I'm afraid nothing particularly exciting for more WIP's head over to Tamis


  1. Two steps forward, three steps back. Nevermind, maybe it'll fly off the needles next week.

  2. Happy knitting. Can't wait to see the FO.


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