15 August 2011

Relaxing weekend........not

My weekend was anything but relaxing.  On Friday I decided that I really must get started on some more decorating.  The front sitting room has stood empty since the garden room was completed, readers of this blog will know that we are planning to turn this room into a library.  I washed walls/paintwork, filled cracks, rubbed down, made myself sick and dizzy - I must be getting old, all that bending up and down plays havoc with my head!  Anyway the palette was prepared for painting on Saturday. 

I was home alone this Saturday as Rebecca took her Dad off to the cricket.  First coat on the ceiling and above the picture rails by 11am.  Whilst waiting for that to dry I went down the garden and picked some veggies.  Made another batch of spiced pickled bean relish, then on with the second coat, had a mishap with the paint tray and ladder which took me 15 minutes to clear up!  No harm done.  Once that was done I was able to get straight onto the walls.  As you will see I kept the same colour - the reason being I found a full tin of paint in the shed and it was still ok, plus it goes with the carpet. I finally got cleared up at around 5:30.

Hubby got home just after 6pm full of the joys of a win for England, and took me out for dinner, much appreciated as I hadn't even given dinner a thought. 

On surveying my handy work on Sunday, we decided that the woodwork looked good enough to leave, what a relief - I hate glossing.  I hung the curtains, and we placed in the sofa kindly donated by Rebecca and Tim - looks good doesn't it? (don't think you will get the other one back either, it looks great in the garden room)  The book shelves will go on the back wall and either side of the fireplace.  I plan to fill the wall above the sofa with pictures but will wait until the shelving work is complete.  Possibly another chair, side table?

Feet up now? - not a chance.  Helped weed the veg plot, dug 10lbs of new potatoes, re-arranged some furniture in the garden room, then made some apple juice with a load of wind-fall apples.  We prepared and cooked a Sunday roast together, stuffed leg of lamb, new potatoes, carrots, beets, and beans (all from the garden), quick soak in the bath whilst it was cooking.  Feet up now? - naw - 3 loads of washing done and hung out, then we weeded the flower beds round the garden room and swept leaves.........then we sat down.

Hope you had a relaxing one....... forgot to say in all of that I got stung by a wasp too


  1. What a whirlwind of productivity! And I did was rest up this weekend! Thanks for sharing, it was a very enjoyable read.

    Love the veggies, they look scrumptious.

  2. You are going to need to go back to work to get some rest. Love the veggies and that dinner sounds so yummy!


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