1 August 2011

they come and they go

No sooner here and they are gone.  This has been a good weekend.  Hard work at times, but fun.

Friday was spent with my little man - mummy was home with a cold so we spent the day trying to avoid her and her germs.  We shopped round the market, went to the park. Loaded the washing machine (him) and ironing (me), re-arranged a few drawers (him) and generally amused ourselves.  Our little man is walking now, albeit with his arms above his head, so funny, but he gets up a fair speed up and down the hallway.

why are boys never clean?

Saturday - we spent with our youngest and her friend Gemma who was visiting for the weekend.  A good walk into St Ives, lunch at the Oliver Cromwell, wander back. We finally saw the much promised sun around 2pm - after a week of grey clouds it was a welcome sight. It was good to see Gemma and catch up. I'm sure they never stopped talking from the minute they met her at the station!

Sunday found us back up to Stamford for a spot of gardening.  The Jones' & Swift's have acquired a garden down in the town from Burghley Estates. much neglected, lots of overgrown bushes and trees, which we attempted to cut  into shape. We have 3 massive piles of foliage dotted around the site, and the start of a wood pile, a bag full of rubbish, beer cans, sweet wrappers, dog poo bags - nice.  The boys built a compost bin, cleared a path way to the back of the site, found 2 plum and 3 apple trees. We met the neighbours, some friendlier than others!  One got a bit worked up about a small bonfire we attempted to have, but managed to calm him down, we put it out, and he did have the good grace to come back later and apologise!!! We cut back nettles, brambles, strimmed grass, got scratched, bitten, stung, hot, sweaty but a good time was had by all.  A day in the fresh air, lots of exercise, picnic lunch - thanks James. The little ones will soon have somewhere to play, there is lots of potential, but still lots of work but at least by the end of the day you could really see what had been done, a small amount of order in some areas, and an idea of where certain things will be

cut that bit granny - see we have matching t-shirts

umm cheese and ham sandwich

look granny I found a hole!!

aren't I cute - you love me really

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