19 September 2011

Back in the swing

we are now a week post holiday and I am finally more or less getting back into the swing of things.  It was a funny week where nothing much really got done. Very busy at work, which I must admit is a good change.  I managed to get some of the ironing done, but still have a basket full.  The garden is a soggy mess, and needs lots a clearing up.

Friday was my day with Rufus.  He had another cold poor thing, snotty nose, croaky throat, but he was a good boy and we managed to get the ducks fed, sticks collected, watched some men putting up a tipee and do the usual things you do to amuse a 15 month old little boy. 

not a Friday photo - forgot the camera but every post needs a picture

Friday evening I went with Peter and Rachel to see Clare Teal at the Arts Theatre, a very enjoyable evening, Clare was on good form and I think Rachel enjoyed herself.

Saturday we went to Olney to visit friends Judith & Stephen, we had a very good lunch out, dodged the rain storms, always good to catch up with old friends. 

We have all been friends since school days, which actually is a long time........  its their wedding anniversary tomorrow - 36 years - congratulations to you both.

Sunday we had hoped to get out onto the garden, but by the time we had pressed all the apples for juice and picked tomatoes, there was just time to prune the grape vine before the heaven opened and the rest of the day was a washout. 

A bit of knitting got done, then undone, wasn't happy with the front bands, so all pinned on to sew up again this evening.  I have also frogged  the short sleeved cardigan I knitted for myself.  It turned out to be a much looser fit than I liked- even though the tension was correct.  I looked to see if I could alter it in any way but decided just to pull it all out and start again with a different pattern.  Oh well it didn't take too long to knit and even less time to pullout!!

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  1. Ah...an apple press. I NEED one. I too spent the morning ripping out. Was just a scarf for a quick knit, but somehow I only had 10 stitches, when I had started with 13...
    Always good to know of your fun with the little man.


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