20 September 2011

Chutney time

Its that time of year when your crops are still prolific and you can't physically eat them all.  We came home from holiday to find 2 large courgettes - more like marrows - with a note saying can't eat any more of these. I've today turned one of them into Marrow and Tomato Chutney - its a spicy little number - read didn't take the seeds out of the dried chillis but its certainly given the courgette/marrow some oomph. 

I love the smell in the kitchen when making preserves.  Tomorrow will be Blackberry and Apple jam and maybe another batch of chutney.

While I was in the cooking mood I made some Fruit & Nut bars, and a Bread Pudding (below) with some stale bread - yummy my mum's recipe which is always good, mixed spice, dried fruit and lemon. Went through the freezer and found what I thought was a tub of stock but turned out to be vegetable soup, I really should label the contents of my freezer, the times I have taken the lid off and tried to work out what I have frozen!

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