7 November 2011

Plague of red hats.....

Hope you all had a good weekend, they really go too fast don't they.  We had an enjoyable lunch out on Saturday at the Blue Lion in Hardwick .  I can recommend their autumn menu, in particular the Lemon Meringue Baked Alaska, even my mother in law managed to eat a whole one.  Yummy.  To counteract the over indulgence we spent some time in the garden clearing up afterwards and Peter had a large bonfire as he wanted to get rid of the tree stump from earlier this year.  He got a really good blaze going and we sat for a while warming ourselves with a large drink.   I cleared the last of the outdoor tomatoes, just a few in the greenhouse still.

Sunday we went into town for a coffee and a wander round the farmers market. I spent the afternoon knitting these, whilst Peter cleared leaves and had another bonfire.  The hats match the ones I knitted for Rufus and Beck, its hoped that it will encourage the little man to wear his hat.  So if you hear of a plague of red beanies on the Suffolk coast next week it will be just my family.  I refuse to wear a hat so am making myself a headband, whether I wear it remains to be seen.

I forgot to mention last week that I've had a photograph published in the December issue of Simply Knitting, they wanted pictures of children wearing something knitted from a Simply Knitting pattern, this I made for Rufus last year, so he was around 6 months old

Still no baby news - so I got Sunday morning wrong.........


  1. Congrats on the Magazine Photo! The red hats look great. I have been trying to work up some hats as well, but none look as good as these.

  2. That is so sweet you and Rufus made the magazine! Congrats!


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