24 November 2011

Stuff and nonsense......

I was indisposed yesterday for WIP Wednesday and to be honest with you, not feeling so hot today, but at least I can move my head without feeling like its going to fall off.  My cold of 11 days, has gone to my sinuses, leaving me from Tuesday evening with a monumental headache. I spent the day in bed yesterday and for those of you that know me, its not something I do.  I don't lay-in, but yesterday the only thing that got me out was my bladder and the desire for a glass of water. 

Have you started your christmas shopping?  Do you have an idea of what to get everyone?  Are your family badgering you for ideas of what they can get you?  In answer to the those questions - I have one present, have ideas for some, and have no idea what I want.  It gets harder every year.  I wish I could be organised, how do you do your shopping in October, have your cards written in November and everything wrapped?  Perhaps I just enjoy getting worked up over it all, or maybe I just have better things to do with my time....

Anyho, onto the knitting..........  first the projects completed over the past week

Teddy Hooded Top for Rufus

Baby Surprise Jacket for anyone that wants it

Little Deck Shoes for Faith

 and then the WIPs, which are back to a managable level

This was supposed to have been a cardigan for baby Faith - for inclusion in a gift box tomorrow, but I felt too ill to do more than finish the shoes and knit these few rows on Tuesday - sorry will get it sorted over the weekend.

My ten stitch has sadly been neglected in favour of other things, it will get done, no one is screaming for it

And lastly a very happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers - enjoy your day but remember, its only a month till Christmas so leave some room


  1. Great projects, I love the hooded top :)

  2. I hope you are feeling better as the week goes on. Although you were not able to do any knitting, you didn't abandon it and kept it in your thoughts. I love the hooded jacket. Makes me want to really get down to knitting for my cousin's young daughter. If it is still available, Irmgard would welcome the jacket for the maternity unit. The jacket is very pretty. Pxx

  3. It was heroic to get anything done at all, feeling so sick! and thank you so much for your good wishes to your US followers! Liz (boud)

  4. These are all great, but I love the hooded top and ten stitch!

  5. fantastic projects! have a great weekend.


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