31 December 2011

Before the year is done

I have finally conquered a knitting fear.........  Four double ended pins. I have knitted a pair of toddler socks. 

I am so pleased with myself.  I used 4mm needles and double knit yarn and a very basic pattern. They may not be perfect - how do you avoid the small hole at the start of turning the heel? Will the slight ladder effect where you change pins disappear when washed? I tried grafting the toe on one sock, sure its not right, so did a 3 needle cast off on second sock and much happier with that.  Is it ok to do this?

I can't believe I have put off doing this for so long.  The amount of patterns I have discarded when I see the words double ended pins.  I now know there is nothing to fear.  I went through my needles last night and discovered so many sets (I was recently given loads) apart from the one size I need, 2.25mm for a pair of mens sized socks I want to try, so I will have to wait now till Wednesday when I can get to the shops.

I predict 2012 maybe the Year of the Socks

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