5 December 2011

How do they do it

Yesterday we did our quarterly visit to Ikea/Costco/Green Lanes. 

Ikea is where we have breakfast, bacon rolls and coffee, before strolling round.  We always seem to end up going against the flow of people, not sure how, guess we just don't read the signs. Bought ourselves a new duvet set, and various other bits and bobs

After Ikea we popped into Mothercare, then on to Costco.  Managed to resist the multi packs of danish pastries,  but came out with a trolley load of goodies, though nothing really unhealthy.

Then onto Green Lanes for a late lunch - this is where we ask the question every time, "how do they get the meat so tender". We always have a meal at a Turkish restuarant called Gokyuzu, same meal and drink each visit.  We daren't choose anything else off the menu for fear of disappointment, so it's a large Lamb Kebab, a can of Fanta followed by Turkish tea.  The lamb is amazing, always so tender, hardly requires any chewing!! The kebab comes with a large mixed salad, cacik, pittas and rice, and usually a grilled long green pepper which on occasion has been known to blow your head off.  Its such a reasonable meal - £24.00 for the 2 of us.  There are loads on restuarants along Green Lanes but we just can't bring ourselves to change.

So that was our Sunday - some christmas shopping was also achieved so we are getting there. 

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