29 December 2011

Leftovers nearly done..... or are they?

Soup from leg bones - I have 3 batches in the freezer from the carcase and the leftover veggies

Scotch Eggs from sausages and a couple of boiled eggs lurking in the fridge

Chicken and Mushroom Pie - awaiting baking for dinner - thats all the bird gone - thank goodness, we only had a 14lb bird for 6 of us; what do you do with it if you have a bigger one?

There is half a jar of chocolate crunchie, loads of mini Stollen, packets of spiced biscuits and goodness knows what else in the cupboard. 

The Panforte is untouched.  The fruit salad became a smoothie for my breakfast. The gammon is sitting happily in its tupperware in the fridge, at least that will keep for a bit. There is a full tub of double cream, a pack of smoked salmon. My waistband is feeling uncomfortable, though to be honest I don't feel that I've eaten that much, I think its the sitting round and eating pastry and bread, something I don't normally do.  We did get a walk yesterday and when Peter gets back from his platelet donation I guess we will get out again.

On the knitting front - another round completed on the Ten Stitch.  Yesterday I felt the need to knit something else, something quick, so I thumbed through my Simply Knitting #88 and came across the Super Snuggly Cowl.  Quick raid on the stash found some suitable aran weight yarn and hey presto.  Very simple 4 row pattern which is reversible.  I can see a few of these getting churned out for presents as I have loads of aran weight yarn.  A good afternoon/evening spent - keeps the hands busy and stops you eating 

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  1. That dinner pie looks yummy. I just saw the cowl over on rav. Love it.


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