22 December 2011

Ribs and wires..... and then those lists

curious about the title? 

Last night I was at the kitchen sink when my husband came in and decided to give me a bear hug, not so bad I hear you say.... well the underwire from my bra poked between my ribs!!!!!  The pain was incredible, I honestly thought he had broken a rib.  I'm sure its just bruised but its very painful, enough for me to be in a sports bra today, the only one I have that is wire free, and lifting my arms up or sweeping hurts.  Its ok I did forgive him but suggested that in future he turns me round for a hug and not be so exuberant.

My Christmas lists are getting crossed off nicely -
I have done the grocery shop, I went early'ish and managed to get in and out in just over the hour, a record I believe. 
Delivered flowers to my hairdressers.
Stripped the beds and remade them
Did the laundry
Ironing next
Have dinner prepared for tonight

Tomorrow I will start the baking.  Right just need to finish my tea then get on with ironing, and maybe take a painkiller. 

Its ok darling still love you x x x

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  1. Funny story, but OUCH! Have very Merry Christmas Sue!


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