23 December 2011

That plate

I am pleased with the results of my plate, not bad for a first attempt. Though I do think my sheep looks a bit sad.
The baking has started.  I had half a pack of filo pastry in the fridge that needed using, so I made some Serrano ham, goats cheese and sun dried tomato parcels, not sure if they will be around long; I had one for my breakfast!  I have 2 gammon hams currently roasting in the oven, smells are starting to permeate.  I love the smells of the Christmas kitchen.  Next on the list is the mince pies, but not until the gammons are cooked, so now going to clean the bathrooms and run the hoover round.

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  1. OH I love the plate!!! How Creative. Looks like that was a fun fun project. As for the Food. OH MY does that ever look tasty!


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