7 December 2011

vicarious stash enhancement

Readers I have been very good and not added anything to my stash since October.  Every day I'm at work I pop into the local charity shop to see what's about. They have had yarn from time to time but I have resisted.

A colleague has recently taught herself to crochet and was complaining at the price of yarn, so I pointed her in the direction of the charity shop.  Last week she purchased a few bags, so I promised to let her know if they had any more.  Imagine my surprise when out on the 'bank run' this morning I spied what can only be described as a hoard of yarn in the charity shop (its next to the bank, honest).  Not having my purse with me I couldn't buy anything but hot footed back the the showroom to let her know.  As I was leaving off at lunchtime she said she would come with me for a look in the hopes that it was still there. It was, we went through it all and she came away with four bags full for £10, all 4ply, but in quantities to crochet several shawls and or more granny squares.  Her parting shot to me was that all this yarn made her feel anxious, I just said "this is what's called starting a stash, you'll get over it"....

It was a great feeling to see her buy the yarn, which I clearly could have bought, but really didn't need.  I will be a ripe old age before I knit all mine and that's without adding to it, which I clearly will do...... January sales are just around the corner.

On the WIP front I'm still working on the ten stitch blanket, though I feel another project needs to be started very soon.  I have several patterns put aside, just need to sort through the stash for suitable yarn.....  perhaps after I have written my Christmas cards, as that is the job planned for this evening


  1. Hahahahaha! Sue the enabler....leading others down the path to our addiction.

  2. Now look what you've done, I'm thinking of popping into my local charity shop to see what they have in there tomorrow now - although I shouldn't, I have more than enough!! You are an Enabler :)


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