24 December 2011

When a bell rings......

an angel gets its wings......

Last night we went out for dinner and to the cinema with Rachel. Our film of choice was It's a Wonderful Life. Would you believe I have been on this earth for nearly 56 years and I have never seen this film all the way through. I was surprised at the age group of the audience, a few titters at the start due to the film techniques from 1942 but those same titters were sniffles at the end.  With a round of applause and a warm feeling we headed home, ready to start our Christmas.  Funny though, I lay in bed this morning thinking about how the choices we make in life touch the lives of others, and that if I had done something differently I could be living a completely different life.  Different husband, different kids, weird.

I have now completed my Christmas baking and my contribution towards lunch - Nigella's Chocolate & Peanut Crunchie - Red Cabbage - Cheese Straws & Twists (bit heavy on the cayenne - oops), Mince Pies - Bread Sauce - Sausage Rolls (Peter is working his way through them already) - Brandy Butter - Cranberry Sauce - and the giblets cooked up for stock for the gravy.

So all that's left to me is to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and to thank you all for stopping by to read my blog.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and that life is kind to you -
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  1. Merry Christmas,dear friend. Hope you have very happy time with your family. Peace and good Blessings to all.


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