21 December 2011

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone - I'm feeling pleased with myself, I finished work today until 3rd January, all my presents are wrapped, cards delivered and just the food shopping to do tomorrow.  Then I get to do the fun bit, the baking.  As I previously mentioned, hubby and youngest daughter are actually cooking Christmas dinner, so apart from a couple of tasks, I will spend the day knitting until my grandson and his mummy and daddy arrive.

Anyway enough about Christmas -  knitting that's what you've come here for.  Yes, the ten stitch is still lurking around, though I am getting on with it now.  It weighs in at 1220 grams so far, with maybe 4 more rounds to go.

The little cardigan has been put aside in favour of a request, though I have done the back and one of the fronts

The request was for a short row scarf by a friend, happy to oblige, I love knitting these, they are so easy and quick.

Sorry for the photo quality the light isn't very good and with the flash on I kept getting a reflection of my head regardless of which way I stood.

I hope all you WIP Wednesday ladies have a great Christmas and that you get some lovely knitting related pressies.  For more WIP's head to Tami's


  1. The ten stitch blanket looks amazing! And what a nice ruffled scarf for your friend! Merry Christmas!

  2. I love the 10 stitch and the short row scarf!


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