3 January 2012

and then the rain came

We have rotten weather today, very windy, very rainy.   It was so awful this morning that I left home early in order to take hubby to work.  Didn't seem fair to make him cycle in the pouring rain, especially as it was his first day back.
I love the way the sun reflects on the Birch tree against the black sky just before the rain.  Would you believe the sky is blue and the sun back out now. It could be worse, at least the weather is mild, 12 degrees C.  You can keep the white stuff and the freezing temps, though I guess we have that to come.
Today was first day back to work for me too.  It was hard getting up, not that we have slept in, but its been so good to go back to bed with a cuppa and a book. 
I finished the wrap cardigan last night, its partly sewn up, will of course take some photos once I'm done.
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  1. The pictures are beautiful, even if the weather wasn't. The contrast of light on dark is stunning. Glad you were knitting over the Festive break. Pxx


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