7 January 2012

then there were 2 and a bit of knitting

our day started at 6am to the cries of Granny, Granny Soup (his name for me - should be Sue but there you go) coming from the front bedroom, we ignored him for a bit then gave in, its what grandparents do!

The day panned out much like yesterday, reading, playing, we had the Duplo out - 30 years old and still going strong.  I am so pleased that I kept this, as they just don't make it like that any more. Rufus loves it.

After lunch we went out for a walk around the lakes, not that he saw any of it as he promptly fell asleep, oh to be snuggled up all cosy and warm and have someone push me around.  Second thoughts maybe not, sounds too much like a wheel chair for my liking.  But you get my meaning.

His mum and dad came late afternoon and whisked him away.  Left us feeling flat and quiet, although very tidy.  How can one little man make sooooo much mess.  I keep finding bits in the most unlikely places.........miss him already

On to my knitting - below is my next project - think there maybe a bit of swearing with the bobbly bits but we shall see.  May be best to work with the overhead lights on, rather than my preferred subdued lighting.

Here is the finished Little Anna top - cute isn't it.  Along with my ten stitch - are you sick of seeing that yet? and the first of a pair of socks, just using some oddments of double knit to practice on before I commit to some decent sock yarn. 

So as you see plenty to be getting on with. Now, should I cast on the cardigan, continue the ten stitch or do a few rounds of the socks?

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  1. -Love the little cardi and Oh my...the sock bug has bitten you!
    - I think I will be very jelous of you bobbly sweater. What a lovely pattern.

    - I just dropped My gang off at the airport. I understand flat and quiet. :(

  2. More fantastic pictures of the well loved Rufus. I never tire of looking at your knitting no matter what which state of completion it has reached.

    I have finished the pieces for a cardi for myself but need to block them before assembly. Have had something else blocking on the ironing board for a week so the cardi has to wait its turn. At least I can block the bodice pieces then join the shoulders and work the front bands while the sleeves are blocking.

  3. Love that little sweater! (and all the special moments with your little man, wish my parents were closer and we could drop of little guys for the weekend!)


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