20 February 2012

On our doorstep

We are lucky to have some lovely walks around the Cambridgeshire village where we live. Just a 10 minute walk takes us to the lakes and river.  The lakes were formed a while ago from old gravel extraction workings.  They have in recent years been taken over by the RSPB, who are working hard to make this an enjoyable place to visit, being serviced as they are by the guided busway.

As the weather was beautifully sunny yesterday we decided to wrap up and venture out. As you can see it was lovely and clear, I'm glad I took my camera.


Centre photo is a bug hotel!
Here is my latest creation.  Tartan Teddy for Mel. Hope you like him. 
Knitted in a day, it took me nearly another to put him together. 
Pleased with the end result though

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  1. Love the Teddy. For the new babe?

    I don't think I have ever heard of a bug hotel. How interesting.

  2. Beautiful pictures. It really is wonderful countryside around where you live. We were on the guided busway on Saturday and, being like two young children on the top deck of the bus, we could see all around us.

    Teddy is lovely. He has such character. Have you anywhere special in mind for him to live?

    Love Pauline xx


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