8 February 2012

We do like to share

We are one of those families that likes to share. Even the rotten things in life. This week we are sharing a cold. These are manifesting themselves in various guises depending on who you are.

For Rufus, who we believe to be the carrier, its a snotty nose and a cough, nothing is keeping him down for long; this is us up at 5:30 this morning.

You might well yawn!!
For his mum it is flu like symptoms (she's had the jab) and a chesty cough, which she has had since Saturday, along with the morning and evening sickness.  Her and Rufus have been staying as hubby is away again, and they needed looking after.
For Pops, it came out on Monday as a chesty irritating cough, intermittent runny nose.
For me since yesterday lunch time - another head cold, the second full cold of the year, the third since November.  Not forgetting the sore throat from last week. A magazine I was reading in the hairdressers this afternoon said the average person gets between 2-5 colds per year, gee thanks
For Tim, full blown symptoms like Rebecca, though only worse I guess as he's a man!  Sorry Tim couldn't resist.
And aunty Rachel is trying to ignore the scratchy throat. 
So there you have it, best to keep away from us
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  1. Oh dear sorry to hear of so many poorly people. Hope you are all feeling much better soon. S was ill last week - stomach bug better last 2 days though, now Amelie got a heavy cold & quite poorly with it. My cough and cold only clearing this last few days - its been 4 weeks! Damn viruses!

  2. Oh My. Please get to fellwell soon. All of you.
    R's little robe is so cute. Hmmm those books look a bit familiar.


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