21 February 2012

whats it to be, sweet or savoury?

Its that time of year again. 

Fat Tuesday

Pancake Day 

Or whatever you want to call it.  For us we are having both.  Seafood to begin, and sweet for dessert. As usual lemon and sugar me, but I do have a punnet of blueberries that need using up.....

Are you giving anything up for Lent?  I should but I know I will fall by the wayside before the 40 days is up. 

What to give up?  Buying yarn....... no, not with the Stitch and Craft Show coming up next month.  Booze, don't drink enough these days to make it worth it. I'll have a think and get back to you on it


  1. Well....I already cut out the sweets in an effort to improve the waistline. Yarn is definitely out. So my only other vice is the hootch. Hmmmm...

  2. We like both sweet or savoury. We like vegetarian chilli wrapped in pancakes and covered with cheese sauce. Even more so if the sauce is then covered with cheese and grilled. I can't stand the crunchiness of sugar so prefer sweet pancakes spread with lemon curd. But we didn't have pancakes on Tuesday; I forgot about pancake day and used the last of the eggs on Sunday to make the batter for vegetarian toad in the hole.

    What I am giving up for Lent is the inability to ever say No.

    Love Pxx


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