22 April 2012

Boys and their toys

For the last 2 months Peter has been stalking Ebay in the hopes of buying a John Deere tractor unit for Rufus.  This afternoon we have just done a 120 mile round trip to Aylesbury to pick this up.

This is the little Ford tractor which we were given that Rufus still can't pedal yet!!

So who do you think is going to have all the fun.

Yes folks he was 60 on Friday !!!!

I have no idea where this is going to live


  1. What a fantastic gift for Pete - I mean Rufus. I am sure Rufus will have great fun playing with it and riding on it. Perhaps a small ride-on lawnmower next, to save you and Pete the trouble? Your love for Rufus never stops shining through.

  2. This is super cool - I can just see Mr Myrtle having fun too :)

  3. Fritz says it needs a little motor...

  4. Joan misquoted me. I said it needs a BIG motor.



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