13 April 2012

Easter Project revealed

The grin on his face makes all the hard work worth it........

This is what it started out like

Clear the site

Lay the base

Sort the parts

and the screws and nails

the instructions

floor in and the first round

onwards and upwards

looking good

roof on...... then it started to rain

the loose parts painted undercover

Tuesday afternoon - Rachel and I managed to get a fair bit done.  Also Wednesday, thanks Rachel for giving up your holiday afternoons to help

Thursday afternoon - nearly there

Thursday evening

The verandah needs another coat and the inside is yet to be painted but I am pleased with the results

Even Pops got to play

If you like our playhouse you can buy one from here


  1. My kids' dream house :) It's fantastic!

  2. OH...that is WONDERFUL! Rufus is one lucky boy to have pops and granny.
    And now a bit of a laugh....Fritz and I have been working on a playhouse for the past 2 weekends.
    I hope to have it done before boys come in 6 weeks.

  3. WOW!! what an awesome playhouse!

  4. Fantastic playhouse...I'm sure hours of fun will be spent in it! It has made us think of what is to come for Amelie.

  5. What a lovely playhouse. I'm sure Rufus will enjoy it for many years.


  6. Love it! Love it! Love it! And what will you knit to go inside it?


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