6 April 2012

FO Hat Trick

Good morning ladies,

The Ten Stitch Twist is finally completed, the last round ended up a bit skimpy due to the fact I was running out of some of the yarns but overall I am pleased with it.  It weighs in at 1520grams and the yarn used was an assortment from the local charity shop and some cones acquired many moons ago, so no idea what any of it is.  My stash is coming down nicely.  One of these days I'll get round to having it all out and sorting.

The next finished project is a Cotton Beanie for Rufus.  His mum wanted me to recreate a hat I knitted him when he was first born and this is a close approximation of it.  The yarn used was Cotton Kapok DK by Sublime Yarns in Tin Soldier and Milkshake, with a few oddments from stash to make up the other stripes.

Next on the list is the Kiddie Cadet Hat also for Rufus and also knitted in the Cotton Kapok DK - colour Tin Soldier. This may be a shade on the big side but I figure he will soon grow into it!

This is all my WIP's completed apart from a pair of socks which are in hibination for now. 

So what to knit now?  Maybe a few summer hats for the little girls I know? A couple of cardigan's for Baby Jones due at the end of July, though still plenty of time for those? A summer top for me?  I bought a cute skirt last week when the sun was shining and thought I'd knit a cotton top to go with it.  I have narrowed it down to these patterns from the Sublime 2nd luxuriously exotic soya cotton hand knit book.  Let me know what you think.  Hubby likes Siam, but I am drawn towards Morroco.




So do you have plans for the Easter weekend?  We have lots of garden projects, some of which involves paving slabs, hammers, nail, wood stain and brushes.  Whatever you are doing don't eat too many bun or chocolate eggs, and if you do enjoy


  1. I rather like Morocco too - the neck detail is lovely :)
    Well done for using up your stash. I mean to....but...I will one day...

  2. Well done, as always. I think my boys may need Cadet Hats.

  3. The Morocco is my favorite sweater of the three. I LOVE the kiddie cadet hat. Too cute.

  4. I love your cadet hat...and I vote for the Morocco, too! Have a wonderful Easter holiday!

  5. Ok, right off the top, great job on the HUGE finished project...it looks really really good. 2 - I love the tin soldier hat. 3 - I vote for mojito. Thank you for sharing, I'm off to find the pattern for the hat.

  6. I was thinking that Siam would look lovely with WWG's Fascinator, but I agree Morocco is very nice.

    Huge kudos on that giant blanket. Wow!

  7. I just adore the 10 stitch blanket! It's so sweet of you to recreate a hat for Rufus, reminiscent of the one you knit him when he was born! How fun would it be to continue that tradition as he grows up!

  8. Great projects, love em all, especially the cap!

  9. Cute blog! I love the color of those raised beds!!

    I don't mean to go against the grain but I love Siam. The neck is so interesting. I think both are beautiful though.

  10. Your ten stitch is gorgeous in those colours! And that little cadet hat is absolutely adorable!

  11. Love the 10 stitch, the colours look wonderful together and the hat are adorable.

    I'd go with the Morroco pattern, I love the neck detail.

  12. I am no help in that I love both the Siam and Morroco!! Sue, your blog is an inspiration and a motivator--I seriously need to get back to mine.

  13. The ten-stitch twist is BEAUTIFUL. Well done! The flower in the centre is a pretty, original idea.

    I just love all three tops. I wouldn't like to choose.


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