1 April 2012

With this ring and a lick of paint

After 35 years of very hard-wearing, my husbands' wedding ring had seen better days.  Repaired once, misshapen and finally cracked again, things were looking bad.  Whilst in St Ives at the tail end of January we popped into Piggotts the Jewellers to see what our options were.  A new ring - not keen for sentimental reasons? Another repair - unlikely due to its state.  Overlay the old ring onto a new ring.  We liked the sound of that and it was sent away to see if this was an option. Unfortunately, no, the old ring just wasn't up to it - fatigued was how they described it.  It was then suggested that maybe if we had any gold laying about!! that this could be melted down and a new ring made.  We actually had hubby's nana's wedding ring and a small belt ring which neither of us liked, so decided to use the belt ring, and the resulting ring has turned out lovely.  A very sentimental ring, and should last him at least another 35 years, hopefully longer. 

The staff at Piggotts were so helpful and it was a real treat to go to a family run business rather than a chain, I would highly recommend them.

Today turned out to be another lovely day full of sunshine, even if it did start out a might chilly.  We got some painting done.  Hubby, the gates and me some of our wooden planters.  I even tackled a piece of trellis to see what that looked like.  I like it. 

Question is do I do the 3 large trellis panels or is that a step too far?

The sunflower seeds are going mad in the greenhouse, as is the rhubarb in the garden

I found an escapee from a very lively children's party 3 doors away.  All quiet now, a bouncy castle was involved!!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did. 


  1. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again: I love your garden! You have obviously worked so hard on the landscaping, it looks magical! Also, such a great idea with the wedding ring, sounds like a perfect solution.

  2. What a fun post to read Sue. All of it. Love the garden and the ring story. Cheers to another 35 (or longer )years!

  3. Your garden is beautiful! Great idea for the wedding ring. My dad's ring wore down to nothing, and I remember how sad my parents were when it finally broke in two. He had not taken it off since they were married some 40+ years earlier.

  4. BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. I LOVE your garden. The things I would do to have a green space like that... :-D

  5. 35 years, that's inspiring....24 to go!
    Love the blue paint. Very cheery :)

  6. Glad you managed to have Pete's ring upgraded and in such a way as to retain the sentiments of his original ring and the belt ring. A great idea.

    In all of your pictures your garden looks lovely. Ours is small but we do have fruit trees and bushes and we grow tomatoes in the summer. We like the birdbath and get great enjoyment watching the birds drinking and bathing.


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