20 May 2012

Gloomy weekend

I know I keep banging on about our weather but it really is beginning to get everyone down.  Not a glimmer of sunshine at all, just dull, grey, gloomy, mizzle.

Friday it didn't matter so much as I gave the house a good clean, long overdue!!  Friday night was date night, we went into St Ives for a few drinks and a curry.  We had planned to get the guided bus home, leaving the car to be collected on Saturday, however, the bus didn't fit our timetable so we walked home in the dark.  It finally passed us as we were just turning off for home, so at least we walked off the excess of drink and food and saved the fare into the bargain.  Peter got a blister as his shoes really weren't suitable for a trek.

Saturday, dawned, yes you guessed, grey etc etc - so we walked back to St Ives (5 miles) to collect the car, had a look round the market, then came home and had a tidy up in the stable (no horses, just tools, paint, freezers etc), so that we actually get in there.  I spent the afternoon with this fabric making some cushions and a storage bag for the playhouse.

A quiet evening knitting, we even had a fire as it turned so cold.  Can you believe a fire at the end of May.
Today - yes you guessed - mizzle, more grey, more gloom.  We decided to have a trip down to Ikea/Costco/Green Lanes - we do this every 3 months or so.  Rachel and Stu came too.  Its amazing how long you can spend in Ikea and always come out with something - more bits for the playhouse, blackboard, playmat, corner storage bag.  Think thats it now or he won't get in it.  Also got ourselves a new bedding set. Nicely stocked up in Costco.  Tummies filled in Green Lanes - late lunch in Gokyuzu.  As usual Lamb Shish with rice and salad washed down with an orange Fanta, and followed up with a glass of tea, whats not to like.
So that was our weekend. The weather is promising to pick up this week, we will wait to see.  I'm hoping that it improves for next weekend as we have Rufus, and we want to take him down to the coast on one of the three days....


  1. Grey here too ;)
    Was that cute fabric from IKEA? I haven't been for ages and it is such a great place for fabric. I know what you mean about always coming out with something. Time stands still when you are in there - it's like a casino! It is scary what leaps onto my trolley in that place!

  2. Sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend! Hooray!

  3. I hope you get some better weather soon. What a lucky boy with the playhouse, sounds like he could live in there!

  4. The weather gets to me too. I am dreading the return of Monterey's summer fog. Here's to hoping for some sunshine in your future!

  5. Isn't that the truth about Ikea! No quick runs in and out of there ever. And there's always something that strikes the fancy. I often wish I had some little one for whom to buy the cute kids stuff. No grandkids yet for me.

  6. That was a long walk - and you did it twice! I love the fabric for the playhouse and no doubt Rufus does too. You really do make the most of your weekends. Ten out of ten for you for making the most of life. xx


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