25 May 2012

So you want more?

It looks like I whetted your appetites with my Travelling Tales.  Afraid you will have to wait a few days for the next instalment as we have Rufus this weekend.  Plus I am reading our travel journals to refresh myself.  Would you believe we have never read each others journal.  I am finding out what he said about me, and all those boring boy bits about this motorbikes and that spare part!!  I also have hundreds of photographs to go through, it may take some time.  Here's one from the first full day riding, taken outside the Harley Davidson Factory at York, PA, by one of the factory workers.

We plan to go to the coast tomorrow, mad I know as I'm sure the world and his wife will be on the roads high tailing it for the sea.  Its what we Brits do when the sun shines.  I had forgotten how much stuff you need to take when taking a small child out for the day.  Nappies, wipes, sun cream, buggy, swimwear, change of clothes, drinks, buckets, spades, books, cuddly toy, Michael Buble CD's - his favourite (what good taste he has).  Thats before we deal with a picnic, rugs, camera and stuff for us.  Phew exhausted before we start.


  1. I'm sure you have many great photos from such a great trip. This photo is fantastic, you two look like you had a blast that first day!

  2. Oh, I know. You will need lots of stuff when you travel with little people. :) But, they are pretty entertaining when you need some company. Have a safe trip~

  3. I think sharing your travel adventures with us in installments is a great way to remember what must have been an amazing trip. Can't wait to see where you went and what you saw! Have a fun weekend!

  4. An excellent picture of you both. Sounds like you have made a lot of work for yourself looking through the journals and photographs but the memories they bring you should make it all worth it. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Your list of things to take to the coast with Rufus read more like Bruce's conveyor belt. (To non-UK readers, there was a TV programme called The Generation Game and at the end a conveyor belt full of goodies went past the winning contestant. What the contestant could remember being on the belt they won and took home. Always - or so it seemed - there was a cuddly toy.)


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