31 May 2012

Travelling Tales - Part 4

Onwards -
Saturday 15th May - We take a quiet route through South Georgia, lots of swamp land, wildflowers, deer (scary - they have no road sense), turtles.  Hot 85 degrees. 331 miles today. Odd quick shower of rain. Overnight in Chipley Florida.

Sunday 16th - 270 miles today, more scenic routes, beautiful houses and gardens, shrimp boats selling their catch, unfortunately nowhere to cook them.  We overnight in Biloxi, check the weather channel, tornado's forecast and lots of rain )-:  Had a great seafood dinner at McElroys Seafood Restaurant (looks like Katrina got it, but now back)

Monday 17th - week 3.
Skies looked stormy, so waterproofs in a handy position! Managed to get to New Orleans with just a shower. 

Found our prebooked hotel easily, dumped everything, keen to get reacquainted with New Orleans. Lunch at Riverwalk then we booked a Garden District Walking Tour for Tuesday.  Spent the afternoon dodging the rain and doing a bit of shopping.  Back to hotel for a quick change and then off to Bourbon Street - 3 for 1 beers and a couple of great bands and a good time was had by all!!

Tues 18th - Weather wasn't looking promising, we walked Royal Street looking at the antique shops and galleries.  Rain started about 40 mins before our tour was due.  By 1pm the heavens had opened but our tour guide said she was happy to continue if we were, in hindsight it might have been better not to bother.  We got soaked, the dye came out of my shoes. Peter felt ill on the mini bus. It was very interesting but it was far to wet to get the camera out for photos, the cemetries were under water, hence the reason the bury above ground.  If we ever go back, I'd do this tour again, but under our own steam.

 Wed 19th - Woke to sunshine thank goodness.  We had been given a tip for a route to take - Natchez Trace - 444 miles of quiet roads, no commerical traffic, just the odd car, wildlife, wild flowers, peace.  Why not, anything is better than the interstate and we didn't come all this way to look at the back of a truck.  We did 260 miles ending the day in Vicksburg

Checked into the Battlefield Inn then went off to explore the Vicksburg National Miltary Park, drove the 16 mile loop, nice ride through the park, great place if you understand US military history.  Hotel is full of English people on a Country and Western Tour, so we keep quiet, really hate Brits aboard, especially in large groups!

 Thurs 20 May - Back on the Trace - cover 340 miles today, just us and nature.  89 degrees.  Overnight in Florence.  Ate at a good restaurant Logans Roadhouse, just over from the hotel.  Found the concept of throwing your peanut shells on the floor a bit odd, and the tidy freak in me wanted to pick them up, but "when in Rome" as they say.

We were very lucky with hotels, always managed to find a bed for the night.  We booked ahead for Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Memphis, and anywhere we were staying 2 nights over a weekend but other than that we just pitched up on a daily basis, mainly using Best Western as they are of a reasonable price and good quality.  I did find eating out every day a bit of a bind, and by the end of the trip I would just open the menu, glance and the first thing I saw I ordered. Lunches we tried to make a picnic, the cool box was essential, especially for drinks.

So thats Part 4 done.  Check back soon for Part 5 heading for Memphis


  1. Yet again, I'm just so impressed by how much you saw on this trip! You've been to so many places I haven't, and I live here! Now you are seriously making me want to set off on my own trip. I can also definitely see what you mean by getting tired of eating out though.

  2. To bad about the walking tour, the rain is a drag on vacation (especially on the bike). Getting off the main interstates is the best way to see what's really happening here. I've always wanted to see New Orleans. I had plans once years ago, but life happens and I wasn't able to do it. Memphis next? I wonder if you went to the Grand Ole Opry?? I'll be waiting!

    1. no, didn't make it to Grand Ole Opry, I'm afraid. Sorry to disappoint you, but there is a concert in a few weeks!!

  3. Will you be transferring all this work and pictures into a book-style form for Rufus and other grandchildren to enjoy as they get older? Might inspire them to travel too. Glad you found everyone so helpful and kind. Certainly a bonus when touring unknown territory.Pity about the rain.


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