23 May 2012

Travelling Tales

Back in 2004 my hubby and I took 3 months off work and went travelling.  We went to the USA.  We took our Harley Davidson. We did 15,000 miles.  We had great fun.

It all started over a few drinks at a Harley Rally back in September 2003.  The question was asked "if you could do anything what would it be".  My answer was "drive coast to coast USA".  "What in a car"?  "No on the Harley"!  My husband was very surprised at this.  Anyway the seed was sewn, it germinated over the next few weeks and we just decided to go for it.  It was the ideal time for us.  The youngest had finished university and was living back at home, so that meant that the house, garden and more importantly the cat was looked after.  We both broached the subject with our respective bosses, and whilst surprised they said they would manage if we really wanted to do it.  So no holding us back.

We looked into hiring a bike, but that proved difficult and expensive.  So we then looked into shipping our bike out.  This was actually easier than we expected, and whilst not cheap it was doable.  We used HC Travel and they arranged the outbound shipping and insurance (I'll tell you about that later).  Once the boring details were sorted, we turned our attention to planning the route, the winter months were spent poring over maps and on the internet.  We decided we would start our trip in May as the weather would be better.  We certainly saw some weather (more about that later too).  When planning our route we factored in attending a couple of State Rallies, a concert, Route 66 and a visit to friends in Utah. 

We knew we wanted to go coast to coast but we also went up and down a bit too. Well lets face it have wheels will travel.

Our Harley started its journey out to Baltimore 3 weeks before we did.  We took it and a small trailer down to Southampton, where it was placed on a ship and we waved goodbye. As you can imagine my husband was beside himself.  His pride and joy heading on to the high seas without him..................

Check back for further Travelling Tales


  1. ...and we will not be showing these posts to my husband right?

    Just kidding of course. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to know more of the tales of that great journey.

  2. What an adventure! I've never driven all the way across the country, and I live here!

  3. An adventure story! What a great idea. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  4. Yay! You made a stop in my part of the world. Can't wait to read more :)

  5. Oh sounds like a great adventure, I look forward to the next installment!

  6. This is pretty much the best trip ever! Such a great adventure and accomplishment. Any photos?

  7. You're a game bird embarking on a journey/adventure like that. Well done you. Can't wait to read the next instalment. xx

  8. lovely story.. so far! I would totally love to go coast to coast, but in a campervan and stop everywhere along the way. I wanted to after watching dave gorman's America unchained, my feet are getting more and more itchy to leave europe every year! Looking forward to reading more :)

  9. Wow Sue what an adventure, can't wait to hear more :)


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