3 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

As most of you will know Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 60 years on the English throne. 
Congratulations your majesty.

There are so many events taking place on this 4 day holiday, events that would be perfect in the sun, but alas this being England the weather has let us down again.  Yesterday was dull but dry, so any street parties would have gone ahead.  Today however it has not stopped raining, in fact it started around 9pm last night and is still going on.  The temperature is 6C - last Sunday it was 26C, so as you can see quite a difference.  We ended up watching the the River Pageant on the television, I felt so sorry for everyone, they were all so wet, but nothing seems to dull the spirits.  As someone said, "the British just make the most of the day regardless of the weather".  I guess we are just used to rain and make plans accordingly.

Tomorrow we are looking after Rufus, and it is planned to take him to the Big Lunch on Stamford meadows and to the Gardens of Surprises at Burghley.  The forecast is for it to be dry, but I think wellies will be the footwear of choice.

Tuesday we are supposed to be attending a Jubilee picnic at Over with Rachel, Stuart and his parents.  The forecast is for RAIN lots of it................ I'll let you know how it goes!!


  1. You always plan the most fun weekend outings! I'm still remembering the spa trip, this day will no doubt be wonderful!

  2. Awe. It's too bad the weather couldn't have lasted for the jubilee. My husband and I were in England during that GLORIOUS 26C weather the weekend prior. It was spectacular.


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