30 June 2012

Rioting in the borders

Our garden has been pretty much neglected over the last 5 weeks due to the weather, holidays etc, so the plants have been given their heads and have gone pretty much beserk.

Whilst I love the cottage garden look, I do like some kind of order in the borders, but alas there is some major work to be done.  Amongst everything are lots of pesky weeds, gone to seed forget-me-nots - you can at least rip all these out and they will just reappear next year. The brooms have finished and gone all leggy, so they will need a haircut and some kind of staking. 

My main problem is that my garden also harbours an enemy - the mosquito.  He ignores Peter but makes a bee-line for me. I am sporting 4 bites just from a walk down to pick some rhubard.  I therefore have to dress with not an inch of flesh showing and be liberally sprayed with insect repleant. Not so bad if you plan a day in the garden, but a real pain if you just want to spend a short while out there.  Not sure what I can do, but really the garden is a no go area for me, which is such a shame.  But then its not like we have had any "sitting in the garden" weather yet!

I ventured out this morning, early enough for the blighter not to be about and took a few pictures for you.  Enjoy.......... 


  1. Such beautiful flowers, and some of them my favourites. I just love your foxgloves. It's been a good year for them. We have many in our garden this year, all self-seeded. And I love your poppies too. Not many flowers in our garden though, mainly shrubs, trees, fruit bushes, ivy and dandelions.

    Regarding the mozzies: have you tried carrying a lighted (or should that be lit?) citronella candle?

  2. It really is a riot of color! Wonderful flowers, and all so lush and green. Thank you for sharing your garden.

  3. I've always wanted foxgloves but have't had much luck with them. All your borders look just stunning. Have to say I have had a terrible time with mosquitoes the past couple of years. It can be so bad I have to cover my head with a hood. Taking the dog out can be miserable- as I shout hurry up go....

  4. Sue your garden is spectacular in all it's wild goodness! I understand the desire for some sort of order, but I can easily let it go when faced with those blood sucking pests.
    I say enjoy the beauty for inside - where it's safe! The weeds will be there when the skeeters are gone! Excellent pics as always.

  5. Your garden looks like something from a beautiful painting! Have you thought about buying one of those gadgets you set up outside that zap the insects? I have seen them in stores, but haven't tried them myself to know if they work. But it might be worth a try. It is a shame to think you can't enjoy being out in your gorgeous garden.

  6. I showed my mother (an avid gardener down on her luck due to changing climate) you photos and she was so impressed and in love with your garden too! I love your photos as always!

  7. Just catching up with reading and replying to blog posts from everyone. Not responded to most since the beginning of July. I keep running out of day. I still love the flowers in your pictures. And I wonder how you still manage to do so much in your waking hours. xx


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