14 June 2012

Travelling Tales - Part 6

Wed 26th May -  Haircut was a success which was a relief, especially when you get used to someone doing your hair for such along time.  Follow this with a 40 minute nerve wracking ride into central Chicago, you need eyes in the back of your head, but we found our hotel without too many problem.  We chose the Best Western Grant Park, good location right near the lake front.  Once bike and luggage were disposed of we headed out and walked the lake shore pathway all the way to Navy Pier where we had a late lunch - burritos

then on to the John  Hancock Centre and went up for a view from the observation deck, spent ages just soaking up the views

and Peter washed a few windows!!!

we followed this with a trip to the Cheesecake Factory and Jamba Juice.  Then on to Michigan Avenue for a few more CD's.  The walk back seemed to take forever, but did work off those cheesecake calories!!

Thursday 27th was spent wandering around Chicago, visiting a Farmers Market, in the park watching the world go by, art galleries, eating.  Took a few photos of the Buckingham Fountain as this is the official start of Route 66 and saves doing it in the morning.  Missing home and garden, had lots of text from the girls, they have decided to come out and meet us in Las Vegas, so sorting flights and hotels.  Feel homesick.  Peter has blisters from all the walking!

Friday 28th - starting Route 66 so that will be Part 7


  1. Fantastic pictures of fantastic views. You were both very brave going up that height - even inside a building - but well worth it. Even safely installed inside the building, the washing of windows still looks very scary. All those blues - a good combination of shades for your next ten-stitch? Eagerly awaiting Part 7.

  2. I have no doubt that by day 6 that you were very homesick, I would have been too. You have so many great photos from this trip!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting these - I am really enjoying reading your adventures.

  4. Chicago does have lots to see, but I'm a country girl for sure and my few days there on business was enough! I bet you were missing sleeping in your own bed, that's always a big one when you're on a road trip. But the memories you've got and are able to share with us today are fantastic! So glad to be reliving your trip with you.


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