19 June 2012

Travelling Tales - Part 7

Route 66 here we come. We purchased Route 66 Traveler's Guide & Roadside Companion by Tom Synder.  This became our bible for all things 66 and proved a very useful tome.

Gemini Giant at the Launching Pad Drive-in

 Polk a Dot on Route 66

We met with a group of students at the Polk a Dot, they came over to inspect the bike and ask the usual questions. They were with the main man from the Illinois Route 66 Preservation Society and they invited us to tag along with them.  This actually turned out to be a good plan as we got to see in lots of places normally not open to visitors.  Whilst waiting for everyone to sort out their rides a guy (Don) on a Harley turned up and came over for a chat.  He decided to join us all and as it turned out we rode with him until 3 June - more on  that later.

 Riviera Roadhouse - which has now been destroyed by fire

Jail House - Gardiner IL

 Marathon Oil

 Standard Oil Gas Station

 We overnighted in Springfield, having our first Mexican meal of the trip, and what would priove to be lots of beers.  Don was a hazard to the liver, not that we needed much encouragement.

29th May - Breakfast at Cozy Dogs where we met up with the students, continued along 66 into Missouri, stopping at the Chain of Bridges - the bridge allows you to walk acorss the Mississipi River back into Illinois

Old cars outside our hotel

Soulsby Service Station

 Chain of Bridge - some of the students

 At this point we parted company with the students and headed into St Louis to see the Gateway to the West, heading then to Ted Drewes for frozen custard yum yum.  Continuing along we had no real plans for where to stop.  Bumped into the students again along the way so ended up overnighting in Sullivan, more Mexican, more beer, it was a mess............

If you missed any parts try the label Travelling Tales or USA Trip 2004 and that should bring up all the previous episodes!


  1. I think that these days are some of my favorite yet. The Blues Brothers and the Gemini Giant are just awesome! I still cannot believe how much you two saw over the course of this trip!

  2. Great pictures! Looks like such a fun trip.

  3. All the photographs you took are certainly paying dividends now as they revitalise your memories for you to share with us. This certainly was a wonderful holiday for you, especially as the sun never seemed to have stopped shining - and you met all those wonderful people. Roll on episode 8.


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