13 July 2012

I guess you are never to young to start

First the yarn

then your needles

maybe these would be better?

stab your yarn

relax and cast on!!

They work when dancing too - not the best idea!!!


  1. He's got it all figured out just perfect! What a handsome boy. Must have been a fun day. :)

  2. How cute!! Poor little guy has quite the shiner on his forehead!

    1. luckily not done at our house. Jumping on his bed and hit the wooden side ouch!!

  3. What a cutie!! and wow those are mega needles!

  4. Such cute pictures! When my guys were little they would have turned the knitting needles into "weapons."

  5. This is just beyond darling! Looks like he is all ready to be a fantastic knitter like his grandmother!

  6. ♥ ♥ ♥
    Oh man. This was the sweetest thing. Made me smile so hard, and I had to share with my family. Just sooo cute! My son does the same thing.

  7. Glad to see him having fun with yarn (and dancing!!)

  8. My two year-old and I just tried out some four-handed knitting this weekend. He loves to help and be a part of whatever is going on, so why not my knitting? :)


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