26 July 2012


Laurie Peter Jones, born today, 26 July, 2012.  Weighing in at 8lbs 13oz.  Mum, Dad and Laurie doing fine.

Laurie Peter Jones - sent via phone
 Rufus a bit bemused when I showed him the photo, not sure that he understands.  He will be meeting his new brother tomorrow.  I however, will be going this evening with Aunty Rachel, whilsts Pops sits Rufus.

More photos later, this is a warning


  1. he's adorable!!
    wishing the best for his parents <3

  2. Welcome to the world Laurie Peter...Granny Sue has so much love to share with you.
    Congratulations to All.

  3. Ah! Such a beautiful little guy! Congratulations again, Sue, you are so very lucky!

  4. Such a beautiful babe! Congratulations.

  5. Laurie Peter is BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations all round.


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