23 July 2012

Weekend Review - Summer has arrived

Yes folks, summer is here and boy are we happy to see her.  Some might say its hot, but I'm not going to complain.

So the weekend.  Saturday, we popped into Cambridge so Peter could get a haircut and I went and did a bit of shopping.  Actually quite successful.  Regular readers will know I don't 'do' shopping, so when I do I make it worth while.  Then back home so that I could finish rubbing down my craft table and get the first coat of paint on.  Drinks and dinner in the garden... bliss, then an early to bed for our early start on Sunday.

Here are a few Cambridge views for you

Cambridge Quayside with the traditional punts

River Camb towards Jesus Green

Jesus Green with houseboats - and ducks

Sunday - London to Cambridge Bike Ride - as I said an early start as we had to be at Picketts Lock on the outskirts of London for a 9am start.  Rachel and Peter were part of the YOT group taking 9 young people on their first experience of a long distance ride.  They had built their bikes and this was their opportunity to try them out. 

Once I got back to Cambridge - after a 20 minute sit on the M11 due to a vehicle fire - if I hadn't stopped for a break and a hot drink I would have missed this - I did have better fire pics but they were too blurry. I spent the day KIPing (KIP for non knitters is Knitting in Public).  I managed to knit the whole front of a jumper for Rufus, most of the time standing.  Not one person commented, lots of smiles but no comments.  I know the lady from Breakthrough Breast Cancer took some photos of me, so I may turn up on their website at some point.

7 of the 9 young people completed the ride with 2 dropping out around the 20 mile mark. It was a beautiful day, but maybe just a bit too hot by mid afternoon. It was a slow ride for Peter and Rachel which I know they found frustrating but worth it if helps give some troubled kids a new interest in their lives.




  1. Cambridge is so pretty. Perhaps I'll visit it someday.
    So happy to see the bright weather for you!

  2. Damn! A fire? Glad you're okay. Otherwise looks like a fun weekend :)

  3. Love the pictures of Cambridge with the boats. I remember seeing houseboats like that maybe in Stratford-upon-Avon. Wonderful scene.

  4. Cambridge looks lovely! I'm so glad that you not only had a relaxing weekend, but a productive one (please tell me you were planning on showing us photos of your painted craft table and craft table set up?). I'm also looking forward to seeing that new sweater!

  5. How beautiful! Sucj a pretty place! Sounds like a great weekednd - hopefully everyone was OK in that car fire!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  6. Lovely pix of Cambridge. A city of mixed environments - calm, peaceful and ancient or busy, bustling shopping areas. Such a diversity of events. Glad the bike ride went well and the weather stayed good. Congratulations and well done to all concerned, even to those who had to drop out. They tried, and that is strength of character.


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