9 July 2012

Weekend Review

WET, RAIN, WET, MUD, RAIN - you get the picture.

It was another weekend, spoilt by the weather.  On Friday Rebecca and I went to Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.  The BBC said we were in for a dry day, we woke to rain, lots of rain, but as we had 109 miles to go we figured it would clear, not so.  It took 3.5hrs to get there due to the weather and the traffic problems on the M25.  Armed with a brolly we headed forward, it rained and rained and rained.  Luckily quite a lot of the show is undercover, but when you have 1,000's of people all trying to get in the dry, it makes it hard to see the exhibits. The Rose Marquee was heavenly, wish you could have smelt it. Outside was a nightmare, a sea of umbrellas, getting poked in the head, trying to keep on the walkway to avoid the mud (grass) and puddles.  Eating proved difficult too as there was inadequate coverage for everyone to eat dry, add to that the fact they have a captive audience and you get majorly ripped off for food etc!  The sun finally put in an appearance around 2:30, so we were able to visit the show gardens and vendor stands.  I got a few plants and we slipped and slid around, not fun with an 8.5 months pregnant daughter.

By 4:30 we decided to go and search out a quiet bench in the Palace Gardens, we managed 30mins before the rain started again - sigh 

Saturday, found Peter and I up at Stamford to help out with the list of outstanding jobs to be done before the baby arrives.

Sunday, we headed over to Norwich to visit my parents.  We were joined by my brother Andy with Mel, Charlie and little Lucy.  What a darling baby, so contented, happy to just sit and look, passed from person to person, fed, napped with hardly a whimper. We watched the mens tennis final, me not being a tennis fan drove eeryone mad trying to work out the scoring system.  I think they were very mean to try and interview Andy Murray it was pretty clear he was upset that he lost, but I guess they have their job to do.

Thus ended another weekend.....  this weekend coming we have Rufus, and the forecast MORE RAIN


  1. I envy the rain. If we could just merge our weather woes into one nice piece, we would all be happy.
    I'm getting very excited waiting on the arrival of the new baby Jones.

  2. Such a shame you were rained out, if we could take your rain over here in my part of the US I would be estatic.

  3. So sorry that the sun I sent sent last Friday hasn't arrived sounds like a fun filled family weekend despite the damp.


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