4 July 2012

WIP Wednesday

Good afternoon to you all. Happy 4th July to those celebrating, I hope you find time in your busy day to get a few rows knitted.

WIP's - last week I had two cardigans on the needles, these are both fortunately completed .  I still have the ten stitch and other blanket with no movement but I have cast-on both the jumpers for Rufus.  The ribbed sweater is well underway, its basically just 4 rectangles, 2 row pattern so nothing taxing.

The sweater I cast-on last night.  I decided to knit this in Rustic Aran by Kirkton House  -Aran / 10 ply 72% Acrylic, 25% Wool, 3% Other, which at least machine washable, so will make my daughter happy.  It appears to be knitting to gauge so I'm happy.  Both are loose fit jumpers, so can be worn in place of a jacket on cooler days.

I am reading Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks at the moment.  I did watch the TV adaptation so know the plot, so I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it as much as reading before viewing.  We will see.  I recently finished Return to the Olive Farm by Carol Drinkwater, I've read the previous books in this series and enjoyed them, this one however found Carol on her soapbox banging on about environmental issue a bit too much for my liking.  I have the Olive Route and Olive Tree to read, but need a break for now. 

Whilst I still, hopefully have your attention. Can I point my readers in the Cambridge & Stamford area to the following website Bees Knees Events.  If you are in the market for a cake for that special event then please take a look. Amy is the wife of one of my colleagues, she is a talented baker and artist.  Bees Knees can also be found on Facebook .

So thats it for me this week for more WIPs go to Tamis and Yarn Along


  1. I'm loving the stitch definition on that first sweater in progress. I also really like the texture of the yarn you are using for the second sweater, it is like a "tweed" yarn, but chunkier. You are seriously making me want to work on my poor sweaters now!

  2. The sweaters are going to be nice. Wonderful color.

  3. Glad you are still knitting as well as renovating the table and gardening. The two sweaters for Rufus are lovely shades of blue and suit the stitch patterns. Glad you are reading too. Too many repeats on the television. Channel fourseven starts today, repeating selected programmes from last week's Channel Four. If today's offerings are anything to go buy, we will be giving this new channel a miss! Don't forget to tell us about Hampton Court.

    Haven't discovered Blogger Pages yet but will be sure to look at yours.

  4. I love the tweedy bits in both yarns- I know I'm easily amused - but coming across those little color flecks as I'm knitting always makes me happy.

  5. Both look so comfy and perfect for everyday wear! Love the soft blues!

  6. Rufus is a lucky little boy! Both sweaters seem perfect for an active guy who can get into anything. I'm not familiar with the "Olive" series you've been reading, but I know that sometimes even if I love an series or author I like them better if I take a break and read something different in between. Have a great day!

  7. wow such great progress! i love ribbing :D


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