11 September 2012

Just a couple of FO's

I am pleased with the finished result of this little dress - as I didn't have a 3mm circular needle I did this on 3.5mm and it has ended up to a 12 month size, so I will need to knit another on the correct needles for my daughter's colleague and this one will go to my niece.

This little hat is for Laurie, I am now half way through one for Rufus.  I have 6 more to do for the rest of the family.  Apparently, matching hats is what we now do on our winter holiday in Southwold!  This was last year.  The older boys are coming for the weekend too this year.


  1. Great FOs, love the photo of matching hats!!

  2. Matching hats! How cute! HOw nice it is to have not one, but two FOs to share!

  3. Great idea for the matching hats. Keeps you busy!

  4. Ill take one of those dresses in my size :)

  5. Love the dress. I will make one for a cousin's daughter. Love the hat too. I have been knitting too but ran out of days before posting to WIP Wednesday or FO Friday.


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