28 September 2012

Macaroni, no its pasta Granny

 Dinner tonight was macaroni bake, when I dished up, Rufus looked at me and said "its pasta Granny"!! Out of the mouths of babes.

We had a good day, Beck came over with the boys and we got to visit the Great Grans, go to the park and then Pops came home.....  Rufus is spending the weekend with us.  We are off to the Gransden Agricultural Show tomorrow, he is hoping for combine harvesters, I have promised dancing sheep and tractors, so lets hope everyone is happy.

Here are today's photos.  Laurie at 9 weeks, look at those pinch-able cheeks

Finding his thumb

Bath time fun

 Having a shave

 Not one to be left out

This is a comparison of the boys at 9 weeks - Rufus on the left and Laurie on the right, as you can see Laurie is quite a bit bigger he weighs in now at 14lbs 3oz


  1. I always enjoy your grandson photos (I am living vicariously through you until I have grandkids of my own). Have fun at the agricultural show!

  2. Love that picture of Laurie laughing.

  3. your cat in the sink!!! crazy! Your boys are just so gorgeous!

  4. A day in the life....what fun!

  5. Such sweet sweet photos- just precious every one of them!

  6. He is growing up so quickly! I also love that Rufus is wearing that adorable hat you made him. Such wonderful grandparents you two are!


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