31 October 2012

Travelling Tales - Part 11

Arizona State HOG Rally 2004 - we planned a couple of state rallies for this trip.  I was a bit anxious as we wouldn't know anyone but I needn't have worried, everyone was so friendly. Registration was soon sorted and a programme for the weekend gone over.  As we were staying a couple of nights in Williams, we got in some supplies, Peter got another haircut, took a look round, had dinner and a few beers and checked out what we wanted to do and see whilst in the area.

Friday 18th June - Another visit to the Grand Canyon was on the cards, we got up early so that we could walk the rim trail, then we headed out to Valle to start the Poker Run which ended at the local dealership - more t shirts bought.  They laid on a cook your own BBQ which was good.  We arrived back in Williams in time for the on-street entertainment.  They had basically blocked off great areas of the town for live bands and disco.  If I tell you my diary of this event ends here and doesn't start again til Sunday you will know I had a great time.  We met with a couple from Flagstaff and far too much vodka was drunk.  Apparently Peter had to guide me home past the police station trying to keep me quiet! I think he was telling lies. Saturday was a haze of sickness (I was very sick) and a sore throat (from trying to talk over the band)! The events for Saturday were at the Rodeo Ground, Peter went on the Harley, I walked..... very slowly.  I spent the day trying to find shade, Peter ate two free lunches.  There were the usual rally games, parade etc, to be honest once you've been to one Harley Rally you have been to them all.  We had a good time but ended up having an early night as Sunday was meeting the girls in Vegas.

Sunday 20 June - left at 5:45am - very cool we even had to stop in Kingman for a hot drink to warm up!    We got pulled over on the Arizona/Nevada border for a check, the troopers were really nice and it turned out one of them had been stationed at Alconbury which is only 15 miles from us, small world.  Stopped for a few pictures at the Hoover Dam.

Arriving in Vegas at 9am - met the girls for brunch, then once we had checked into our room at the Luxor we spent the afternoon around the pool where the girls napped (jet lag).  Dinner at the Harley Davidson Cafe, then watched the Bellagio Fountains, played the slots (not my idea of fun) though I love to people

.Bellagio Fountains  - not my photo

Monday - Breakfast at the Treasure Island and then we hit the shops.  Beck and Peter spent the afternoon in the cinema seeing the latest Harry Potter.  Rachel and I wandered back to the hotel, you cannot imagine how  far the Luxor was, it never seemed to get any closer especially as we had all the shopping  We spent a quiet afternoon then met the others for dinner.  I actually don't like Vegas its too hot, too busy and too trashy.

See the brown arms and white legs!

Tuesday - Buffet breakfast with the girls at the Luxor - goodness they did justice to it.  Then on to Excalibur so they could play the kids slots!!  The last time we went to Vegas they were 10 & 12.  Another afternoon at the pool, shade for Beck as she was sun burnt!  A quiet dinner at a Mexican restaurant - everyone was a bit subdued as no one wanted to say goodbye, neither of them wanted to go home, and seeing them had made us very homesick. It was lovely to see them even if it was a short visit, but it made us realise how much we missed them.......

WIP Wednesday - 31 Oct

This week has been more about finishing off - Lady Kina has had a few rows knitted but the rest of the time has been clearing the decks to start a new project.


The complete set

Next project 

Pom Pom wreath anyone - do you think they need some leaves?

29 October 2012

Travelling Tales - Part 10

I actually started this post back in July, can't believe its taken me so long to get back to it.  I promise to get this and the rest of the trip documented by the end of the year.... so without further ado the trip continues.  Remember if you want to read the previous posts then search this blog for USA Trip 2004 or Travelling Tales

Encinitas was where we ended our day – booked two nights for a bit of a chill out.  A good Italian dinner with wine was a real treat, nice to have something fresh cooked and not mass produced. Spent the following day walking the beach, eating and doing touristy things and getting sun burnt.  My back was playing up big time, After nearly 7 weeks on the bike it had started to complain.

Week 7 –With no real plan on where to go next, we followed the Pacific highway, very rugged scenery and very hot, lots of sand and boulders, real desert country.  Stopped for fuel in Yuma and spoke to a guy who said it was 109F, not fun on a bike I can tell you.  After about another hour of this I started to have a panic attack, my boots made my feet feel like they would explode and there was no escaping the heat.  We had a stop and tried to cool off, we were in the middle of nowhere so had to carry on.  Luckily we found a motel in a place called Gila Bend (it was still 108F at 7pm) nothing much to eat apart from what we could get in a service station so it was beer and snacks for dinner then bed and pain killers for my back.

A marginally cooler day , breakfast in a Cracker Barrel outside Tucson then on to Tombstone. Tombstone was a strange place, touristy, usual trashy gift shops. Checked out Boothill Cemetery  which was fun. We got a real shock when we went to go out for dinner at 8pm everywhere was very quiet, we then found out that everything closes at 8:30, so we had a very rushed dinner, they practically threw the food at us and rushed us out the door.  There were a couple of bars open, one full of locals, the other just 3 people neither felt very welcoming so we decided on an early night as we had a long ride planned for the next day.

The weather was still very hot, 98 degrees by 10am as we reached Phoenix - tempers were very short.  Our planned route was to go via Wickenburg then on to Prescott, as we climbed you could feel the air cooling and the scenery changing, lots 20mph bends so fun riding for Peter. The atmosphere was still a bit frosty between us when we checked into the hotel. I went off to do a wash and by the time this was done it was happy hour and by the time we had 3 margaritas under our belts we were friends again.

Thursday 17 June - we were heading for Williams and the Arizona State HOG Rally - just a short ride lots of twists and turns, the scenery was lovely, lots of piney smells, one of the joys of motorcycling is you get to smell ALL the smells and look at stuff above your head too.  Spectacular views around Sedona, a great day.

Autumn Walk

Saturday started out bright, cold and sunny, which after a week of gloom was a great change, here are a few pictures of what we saw along the way.  The day did end up wet - we got soaked walking back

Because with my concussion (I'm feeling better thanks) no liquid refreshment in the pub so we went for tea and scones in the Riverside Tea Rooms in St Ives - very civilised.  

They hire out the vintage china.  I should, I still have all the china I collected for Beck & Tim's wedding its quite a popular wedding theme - remember these

26 October 2012

FO Friday

I have 3 finished objects for you today. All Sublime patterns, all knitted in Kirkton House Craft double knit.

Little Deck Shoes

Rosy Posy Hat

Peach Sorbet

Start of a Smockie - dress

On the head injury front, I ended up at A&E this morning as the headaches were getting worse and I was worrying myself stupid that I may have done something serious.  Fortunately its just concussion - the headaches could go on for weeks, which isn't much fun but at least I can now stop worrying. I am supposed to rest and relax now.  Rest and relax for me is read, knit, internet - all of which don't help the headaches. Here are a few pictures -

My cut nose

The 'what to look out for's'

This is what hit me!!

Add caption
In other news - Rufus has chicken pox and Michael Buble is coming to the UK in July. Looks like 2013 is going to be concert year.

Have a great weekend.  Still grey here but getting colder, hoping for some sun tomorrow.... please.