26 October 2012

FO Friday

I have 3 finished objects for you today. All Sublime patterns, all knitted in Kirkton House Craft double knit.

Little Deck Shoes

Rosy Posy Hat

Peach Sorbet

Start of a Smockie - dress

On the head injury front, I ended up at A&E this morning as the headaches were getting worse and I was worrying myself stupid that I may have done something serious.  Fortunately its just concussion - the headaches could go on for weeks, which isn't much fun but at least I can now stop worrying. I am supposed to rest and relax now.  Rest and relax for me is read, knit, internet - all of which don't help the headaches. Here are a few pictures -

My cut nose

The 'what to look out for's'

This is what hit me!!

Add caption
In other news - Rufus has chicken pox and Michael Buble is coming to the UK in July. Looks like 2013 is going to be concert year.

Have a great weekend.  Still grey here but getting colder, hoping for some sun tomorrow.... please.


  1. Your projects are super adorable! I hope you heal quickly with no scarring. Looks like that chest gave you quite the fight.

  2. Oh your poor nose! Hope you get well soon - headaches are no fun at all :(
    On a happier note - what a super cute set of bits!! I just love those little shoes - they are adorable.

  3. Ouch! Love the yummy color of the sweet sweater! I found you on Creative Friday!


  4. Lucky little girl who will be the recipient of those beautiful FOs

  5. That set is so sweet. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. The sweater, hat and booties are very sweet! I am glad you went to see the doctor. With a head injury it is always "better safe than sorry."

  7. The baby set is precious. Love the color. Hope your headaches don't get too bad. At least it's the weekend.

  8. OUCH!! I'm glad you are going to be ok, good luck with the resting! Your wee set is so cute, totally gorgeous!

  9. Oh, that is a nasty cut, I'm so sorry! I'm so glad that you are okay. I love the new finished knits, they are very pink! Please take care, Sue.

  10. Oh no, hope you feel better! Adorable baby set.

  11. Really cute baby knits. I love the rich colour - not into pastels for babies. Hope you're feeling better.

  12. This set has to be my most favorite thing you have done. Those little booties are just too cute. I hope you feel better though!

  13. Love your projects! I hope you get well soon.


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