5 October 2012

New skills week

Yesterday we had a spinning class at Medway.  Great to have a day off work and do something different.  Not sure that I will become a spinner though. I seemed to have a mental block when it came to trying to get my hands to work independently of each other.  I think my grip is far too tight.  Anyway I came away with a drop spindle and a bag of fleece and instructions, so I can try to practice at home!!

Today, Rachel and I went up to see Beck and Laurie (10 weeks).  Rufus was with his Nana, so it was just Laurie to play with. When I say play I mean amuse between sleep and eat, which actually isn't very long!

Tomorrow I'm off to learn how to dye yarn, hoping for a better day, I think this will be more "my thing".  I plan to take some yarn with me that I got given last year.  This will be additional to whats included on the course.  So we will see how it ends up.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  Currently its raining here - again, lets hope its dry on Sunday so I can get some garden clearance done.  Have fun.


  1. My daughter has taken up spinning. She started with a drop spindle and now has her own little wheel. I've never thought I need to learn to spin. Daughter says it is very relaxing though.

  2. I can certainly see the resemblence to Rufus, but Laurie is defintinely his own man.

  3. You have started dyeing yarn and spinning! Hooray, I'm so excited! I understand that spinning can be overwhelming in the beginning, but once you get your technique down and start relaxing, it is wonderful. Dyeing is also great fun, I really look forward to seeing what you make!

  4. Good luck with the spinning, it intrigues me but I have never given it a go. Dyeing is fun though, I look forward to seeing what you dye!

  5. He is just beautiful! Edible cheeks :)
    Your workshops sound fantastic, Both things I'm so keen to have a go at.


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