12 October 2012

Well ladies.....

........ I only bought buttons (for Beck), ribbon and tags.  That's it.  No yarn, can you believe it?  I am actually in shock.  Just didn't see anything that grabbed my fancy.

We did see some hideously expensive yarn, Qiviut - Musk Ox Wool which was £96.00 for a 58 grams skein of yarn!! Too rich for me.  There was also Buffalo which was £70.00 for 50 grams, but even that is far too much. Who actually pays that much for yarn, no one I know and that's a fact.....


  1. Did you get to fondle the crazy expensive yarn??? I am really intrigued as to what it would feel like to cost that much!

  2. Oh wow, did you try and touch the rediculously expensive yarn? I would have gone for it because it had better feel different from other similar yarns

  3. I'm impressed with your good judgement!


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