24 October 2012

WIP Wednesday time again

Good afternoon to you from a dull, drizzly, misty Cambridgeshire.  Its one of those afternoons when you want to just curl up with your knitting or a good book, cup of tea and maybe some cake!

My WIPs this week are the Lady Kina, which is coming on well.  I decided to add three quarter sleeves as I'm not a fan of cap sleeves.  I knitted 40 rows in stocking stitch and 10 rows in garter stitch, much more me. This is the first top down that I have done for myself and I'm loving the fact that I can try on as I go, it takes the guess work out of the finished length.  The only draw back is the weight of the needles/cable

Secondly is a cardigan for a colleague of Rachel's baby daughter due soon - its a Sublime pattern, Peach Sorbet - I'm calling it Shocking in Pink, its knitted in Kirkton House Craft Double Knitting yarn, cheap and cheerful ideal for a busy new mum.  Just the sewing up to do

I am feeling odd today due to a crack on the head last evening. Let say heads, reading glasses and oak trunk lids don't agree.  I have a lump on my head, split on my nose, spinning head and a headache - I'm hoping not concussion.


  1. Oh no, Sue, I hope you feel better soon. You should definitely take it easy for a couple of days. Sounds like quite a bad bump.

    The sweaters are very nice. I agree with you, the longer sleeves would be much more "me" too.

  2. Take a rest, this sounds serious. I hope you you will feel better soon!

  3. Sue...please take it easy after the nasty bump. I am a worrier you know

  4. Both sweaters are lovely! I like that you opted for a 3/4 length sleeve on the Lady Kina.

  5. Sounds like a very nasty bump. Take it easy, and get it checked if the headache gets worse.
    I think that little pink sweater looks very sweet. And VERY pink!

  6. I love lady kina - you have made heaps of progress!! Looking forward to seeing the finished result.

    By the way, I've nominated you for a blog award! http://omlair.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/awesomesauce.html

  7. Don't play around with lids, they get you every time! Hope it's not serious. I have a muddled head, but it's a head cold, which I prefer to you knot.

  8. You always surprise me with your new projects, you will just whip a FO out of nowhere and it will always look amazing. I'm glad that you were able to finally make yourself something pretty! I'm also so sorry to hear about the bump, please take care!

  9. You have been busy on the knitting front! Please take care with that head injury. If the headache continues it might be a good idea to get it checked out by a physician. I hope you feel better soon!


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