17 October 2012

WIP's, FOs and Colds...

I have a head cold and am feeling a bit sorry for myself.  It started on Monday at work, I went in yesterday to be told by my boss I looked rough, gee thanks.  I thought I'd done a good job with the foundation and blush!  This morning I got up, made lunch for us both, then just decided to get back into bed.  Head pounding, sneezing.  What's the point of struggling in.  A text message arrived shortly after from a colleague to say he wouldn't be in as he had a cold, so its a bit thin on the ground at work today, sorry.  Hopefully a day of just relaxing will help.  I have a busy weekend ahead, so need to knock this on the head pretty quick.

Anyway, WIP's, that's what you are here for.  Work goes slowly on my Lady Kina, due partly to the fact that I have had a problem with my hands this last week, lots of pain, which has meant only doing small amounts of knitting.  I'm hoping this is just a temporary set back and not the start of something more serious.

My FO's are the hats for our November holiday - Team Speechley.  As I don't wear hats, well not often, I have made a head band  for me.  It a free DROPS pattern, which I knitted up in double knit rather than aran, but as this is knitted via measurements, it worked up fine.  I added a flower to bring in the red and cream patterning.

On the reading front, I am working my way through the kindly lent Miss Read books, currently on the copy of Tylers Row - its like reconnecting with an old friend.

So that's it from me today.  Think a cup of tea is now due, feet up with my book and a blanket.  Don't work too hard!


  1. Hope you feel lots better soon!

  2. Feel better soon. Excellent projects, all those hats (and headband) make for a fabulous picture!

  3. Awesome hats and headband, love them. Here's hoping you feel better soon.

  4. Hope you feel better! The hats look great. I really like the look of the WIP; will be interested to see it when it's finished.

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Feel better soon! Your WIP is coming along so well! Lovely yarn!

  7. What a handsome pile of hats (and a headband too!) Sorry about the cold. I'm at work, my head is pounding and I'm just thinking about leaving work sick. I hope I haven't got what you've got! Lady Kina looks darling in that multi-coloured yarn!

    1. Thanks, I hope so too, still feeling rubbish, hubby and youngest grandson have it now too

  8. Feel better soon! I, too, wear headbands over hats. I do love how you brought in the colors in a classy and not distracting way. Looks great!

  9. So many hats! I love them, they look so warm and everyone is sure to love them. Also I love the colorway of that other project. I really hope you feel better soon!

  10. ooh i like lady kina, and the yarn you are using! I usually dont like variegated but taht is knitting up nicely. I actually was working on soemthing similar in crochet, but it was a big flop!

    and so many hats!

    get well soon, hopefully you're better for the weekend!

  11. I love you Lady Kina. :-) Hopefully, you are feeling better.


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